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Just got a Samsung Galaxy Ace! Live the shazam and Google Goggles apps! My pedanticness is through the roof as of this moment...

Wow, haven't even played a game this month...

Don't know what to make of this, is it prestigious?

Hello all, and today is my birthday! Now that I'm 17, I can be interviewed by police without an adult present! This is so magical...

Haven't got much, just some DVDs and some games like Senna and Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy, along with new Uncharted and MGS HD Collection. Bought myself the Vaccines album after listening to them on Spotify. Sounds quite good, although I never really listen to songs based on their lyrics, unless I'm a good fan of the artist, like Plan B, but these guys are quite catchy and I enjoy their lyrics, like If You wanna, and Norgaard are quite good. I recommend a listen on Spotify first time around!

Dunno if I mentioned, but my contract was terminated by my employer, Tesco a couple of weeks back, but I still got nearly 400 quid out of it! Can't afford a new TV, but will probably get some stuff from Amazon. Any recommendations?

Finally, I 10% chance may get back into flash, but I suck so that will be highly unlikely.Just a heads up.

It was midnight and I was supposed to be finishing an essay about Othello for college. Instead I was researching on the beginnings of the word 'Cunt' on wikipedia and realised that it was 0.03am and that there was an 'NG' icon in the corner of the URL field on Chrome. It meant something.

TBH, I agree with someone's view that this is nice and great for newcomers. But that it what it is. It is way different to the 07' redesign, that people have grown for and revered. I only joined in '09 and was probably only aware in 08, so I'm not one of the 'veteran' NG'ers that can say that the BBS didn't always have Ponies around.
I admit I do like it, but I already miss the old one, as there was an indie feel to the place, with the plain black and orange, and the technology referencing idioms. But now, in some retrospect, it seems that Newgrounds has given in to the immense aesthetic changes that kids have been crying for, such as icons in replacement for levels on BBS and the other suggestions that you guys avoided because that's what set Newgrounds apart from sites like Kongregate or Youtube.

On a sidenote, I trust that there was supposed to be a Lit portal made? Or was there a post saying that it wouldn't be and I just missed it?

All in all, I do like the design, but I miss the personal feel of the place that lets you know that this can be a hub in which people can know that it is different from other popular sites, because you didn't find friends on a website, you made them.

Final Newspost before redesign

2012-02-03 10:13:25 by MaestroCC

Nothing much to add, just wanting to make one as I haven't since clock day.

The only thing thats happened is that I've got a job, well paying one also. Been there two months and got a 4th gen ipod and a new HP laptop, much better than my 8gig netbook that right clicks on its own accord. So I gave it to my lil bro :D

Nothing much to add, haven't really been on here, not playing games often due to coursework. Might write a script though. But until then, see ya until after redesign as a review of it!


Happy ClockDay 2011!!!

2011-08-15 20:44:55 by MaestroCC

Hiya! Just thought I would do my bit by getting into the spirit of my first ever ClockDay! This is the one day of the year, that i relax about the Portal and help out the Ng'ers! Helll, I even did two submissions, when my ONLY ONE was a a FULL TWO YEARS ago!

Happy ClockDay people! Keep on spamming until the day is up! It's up in the Uk, but not in the US as far as I'm aware.

I love this Newgrounds Log...

2011-08-05 15:47:23 by MaestroCC

Example you ask for?

Start Date: 4/6/08 Total B/P Points: 46
Last Log: 08/05/11 Avg. Per Day: 0.037
Elapsed Days: 1216 Base Voting Power 4.94

After about 2 appearences in '09 and and about 5 in'10, all my stats have gone WAYYYY down. Apparently, to reach top B/P level, ti will take me quite a centuries. I shit you not.

It's time to help the NG community and feed my apparent-realized statwhoring!

Got 30 day Flash trial! CS5.5!

2011-06-27 19:49:15 by MaestroCC


However, I seem to have lost my wacom pen after not using it for about 2 years. Alternatives?
And what would be the best game/animation to begin with? Or the easiest?

How do you make a series?

2011-06-23 16:30:33 by MaestroCC

Seriously, I've been dying to make some half decent animations, but I'm crap at Art (in a physical sense), haven't used Flash for about two years and my only submission was a quiz which took me about two weeks to make. I have ideas, but it seems I am better theoretical, than practical. I'm getting top marks for writing in school, done my GCSEs so hoping for A* in English. Any help? Or anyone to give me a nudge. I have Flash, somewhere, and I am not prepared to go to BBS and start inquiring to every fucking person asking what's this, what's that, does Flash cost moneyz etc.

So, in a nutshell, any one to help me out?

Should try and keep updated to my giant fanbase. Oh how things have changed...